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New Sparring Video: Ryron vs. Brown Belt

July 13, 2012

Gi Sparring, Standing Start

In the newest Gracie University narrated sparring video, Ryron has a very fun spar with Alex Stuart, one of the instructors at headquarters. This sparring session took place during Chapter 7 of the Master Cycle, so they start on their feet. After Alex attempts a takedown, Ryron ends up in the reverse half guard from where Alex gets a sweep. Ryron finds his way back on top and patiently goes for Alex's arm, and in a way that only Alex can do, he escapes Ryron's armlock attempt. Fascinated by Alex's escape, Ryron works his way back to the mount and goes for the arm again, but instead of going for the traditional finish, he uses a very sneaky modified finish that caught Alex totally off guard. Check it out at Gracie University today!

New Breakdown/Sparring Videos Every Week
Learning the techniques is one thing, understanding precisely how they are applied against a resistant opponent is another. To help you make the connections, every week, Ryron and Rener will be uploading a new Gracie Breakdown or Narrated Sparring video to Gracie University for instant access on your computer or mobile device. To access this ever-growing library of essential instructional videos, click here.

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