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New Sparring Video: Rener vs. Brown Belt

July 26, 2012

Now Available at

At the Gracie Academy we utilize several different sparring exercises to sharpen our swords. One of the most important is Fight Simulation Sparring. This is where one person wears 18 oz. boxing gloves and serves as the "bad guy," while the other person wears no gloves and has to neutralize the punches and close the deal. In this weeks sparring video, you'll watch Rener in a Fight Simulation Sparring session against GJJ brown belt, Joe Twumasi. Not only will you get to watch Rener use precision distance management skills to neutralize the strikes of his opponent, but you'll get to listen in to hear what he's thinking every step of the way.

New Breakdown/Sparring Videos Every Week
Learning the techniques is one thing, understanding precisely how they are applied in the context of a real fight is another. To help you make the connections, every week, Ryron and Rener will be uploading a new Gracie Breakdown or Narrated Sparring video to Gracie University for instant access on your computer or mobile device. To access this ever-growing library of essential instructional videos, click here.

Next Week's Video: Rickson Gracie vs Masakatsu Funaki - C2K Colosseum (2000).