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New Seattle Super-Seminar With Rener Gracie

May 29, 2017

Super Seminar Review by a Dedicated Blue Belt

Dear Rener and Brian,

The Maryland super seminar was absolutely revolutionary to my progress in jiu-jitsu. As I'm now making my way through the 16 pages of notes I scrawled throughout the 4 sessions I am now realizing what was meant by '2 years worth of bjj in one day'. You addressed so many problem areas that I personally have with being a BJJ blue belt. Namely getting out from underneath a bigger, stronger opponent. The mindset of frustration and energy conservation as opposed to attempting escapes as fast as possible is benefit for me. I really appreciate the lessons learned and hope you guys come back to the east coast again next year. Take care and good luck!

Sincerely, Chris Wesley

To reserve your spot contact Craig Hanaumi at