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New Narrated Sparring Video: Rener vs. Black Belt

August 21, 2012

Now Available to GU Subscribers

In this week's Narrated Gracie Sparring Video, Rener rolls with Donnie, a black belt who has been training at the Academy since 1994 (Rener was only 11 years old when Donnie enrolled!). They start from the closed guard. After breaking down Donnie's posture, Rener uses the Headlock Variation of the Elevator Sweep (GC, lesson 11) to reverse the position. He lands in the half guard, from where he attempts a standard Tripod Pass, but once his knee is blocked by Donnie, he swiftly switches to a reverse half guard pass also known as the "Capoeira Pass." From there he establishes side mount and slowly works to control both of Donnie's arms before advancing to a Kimura.

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