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New Instructor Certification Course Deadlines

July 28, 2014

32 Instructor Candidates Coming For Live Evaluations This Week

This week, 32 brand new instructor candidates (plus 30 instructors coming to get re-certified) will be traveling from as far as Australia to see if they have what it takes to run an official Gracie Academy Certified Training Center. The NEXT live evaluation for instructor candidates is in January 2015, and if you are interested in attending, here are some very important deadlines you need to know:

- August 1 - Submit a blue belt test by August 1, 2014
If you pass with a score of 90+, you can submit an ICP Inquiry Form.

- September 1 - Deadline to submit Part A of your ICP Application if your inquiry is approved.

- September 15 - Deadline to submit Part B of your ICP Application once Part A has been completed 100% and approved. If your application is approved you have 60 Days to submit your Teaching Proficiency Videos.