Gracie News

New GU Jiu-Jitsu Journal

December 1, 2009

Over the years, we've found that students
who track their progress learn faster, and as a result we created a
customized digital Jiu-Jitsu Journal' to help you on your journey to
the top. The Journal is free for all GU students and is designed to aid
any student who is learning Gracie Combatives
via the DVDs or online curriculum. In the Jiu-Jitsu Journal, you can
track the start and completion dates for each class, take notes on each
lesson, and, most importantly, keep track of your confidence in the
execution of each technique using our color coded confidence

To access your Jiu-Jitsu Journal, simply log in at Gracie University
and click on the "My Jiu-Jitsu Journal" link in the top right corner of
the page. The rest is self explanatory. Please let us know what you
think of the journal in the Forum, and if you have any other ideas on
how we can make GU better, share those as well.