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Gracie News

New: Gracie University Subscriptions

June 29, 2012

Learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Online Unlike Ever Before

For the first time, you can access the entire Gracie University curriculum for a small monthly fee. Ever since we launched Gracie University, we've had countless requests for a subscription-based program as an option to our traditional class/course purchasing options, and now it's here. On top of that, we've added two new groundbreaking video libraries to the GU curriculum: 1) Bonus Gracie Breakdowns - 80 years of historic fights broken down in full detail, and 2) Gracie-Narrated Live Sparring Videos - listen in and learn the Gracie mindset that makes it all possible!

Click on the image below to learn more and to watch a video of Ryron and Rener explaining the new video libraries in full detail.

New Video: Gracie University Subscriptions

5-Days Free on Any Program
Altogether there are six new membership options to choose from, each providing unique benefits and levels of curriculum access. To make sure you get EXACTLY what you are looking for, you can try any plan for free for five days. To learn more about the benefits of each membership plan, and to start your five-day free trial, click here.

What People are Saying
Rener and Ryron, I LOVE these new subscription videos. Hearing you guys narrate the actual sparring videos and breaking down the historic matches is taking my knowledge to a whole new level. You guys truly outdid yourselves again! Thank you for being my professors and allowing me to share this incredible way of life. GJJ4Life!

Robert Reynolds
Klamath Falls, Oregon