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New Gracie Survival Tactics Testimonial

December 15, 2016

Amazing Story From New York GST Instructor

Rener & Ryron

I wanted to tell you about an incident I was recently involved in while off duty. I was just leaving an area grocery store when I observed a young man steal a basket full of meat products and leave the store. I began to follow him while I contacted the local Police agency by phone. Unfortunately, it appeared he was going to get into a vehicle and leave before the local Police arrived. I ended up approaching the man and identifying myself as a Police Officer, a discussion then ensued. A few moments later, he produced the stolen merchandise and then stated he was going to leave. I told the man the local Police were responding and that he was under arrest. He then attempted to flee on foot. He ran away from me and took about five steps before I was able to engage him and take him to the ground. The man was now face down in the parking lot and I was on his back. He then attempt to "build the house" and started to get to his knees, while pushing up with his arms. I already had my legs in position when we hit the ground, so as soon as he pushed up my hooks were in. I then took control of his upper body with the seat belt maneuver. From there I brought him back to the ground and maintained control over him as he struggled to get free. At one point he managed to get an arm free and attempted to gouge at my face and eye. I responded by applying pressure to his neck, which brought a quick end to his actions. What I did not know at the time that I engaged this man is that he had two very large friends with him, who were in a nearby restaurant. They then came out to see what was going on. I quickly rolled to my weak side, while maintaining control of the man, which allowed me access to my off duty weapon. Fortunately, the men took off in a vehicle as soon as I identified myself and warned them not to come near us. I never had to draw my weapon, but I was in a great position to do so if it had been necessary. A short time later Officers arrived and the man was taken into custody without further incident. (With the help of a sweet GST cuffing technique) I am sure that my technique was not perfect, and I know that I could have done some things better during this encounter, but the lessons that I have learned through GST Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor training worked great. The best part of this encounter was the confidence that I felt through all of it. My heart was not pounding out of my chest and I was not breathing hard, I was relaxed and thinking out each move that I made or was going to make based on what this man did. I am (51) years old and have been a Police Officer for (30) years. As so many of us do, I am always trying to learn something new and do things better tomorrow than I did them today. I cannot tell you enough how much I have learned from your Instructor programs. This man was (22) years old, 6'2" tall and 180 lbs. I am 5'9" tall and 205 lbs, and I knew from the start of this encounter that I was going to prevail. I have been in numerous physical encounters throughout my career, but this is the first one where I have felt so completely in control right from the start. Thank you for all that you do for all of us, your programs are an invaluable asset to all Law Enforcement Officers.

Best Wishes
Paul Randall
Detective Sergeant Town of Hamburg Police Department
Hamburg, New York

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