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New Article: The Gentle Art of Policing with GST

May 3, 2015

Written by Steven Dawson

I remember drafting part of this about a year ago. I had written a few emails and maybe discussed my point of view with a few friends. After the riots in Ferguson, I reflected again on this point and thought it time to write it out in full.

The reason for writing this is not race related, but not because the overall situation is not related to race. The reason for writing is to highlight what I see as correctable problems and to question the illogical way this situation is being approached by the media and the general public.

The reason that this is not about race is because racism is not something that can just be fixed. The effects of 400 years of slavery in the United States will forever be felt. There is no way that a country can be founded on violent oppression and divided lines of culture that only a few generations will separate the abolishment of slavery from the dissolution of it's effects. The issue of racism is not something that any one generation can tackle. And, while racism certainly is and (at least in my lifetime) always will be present, the problem that I am talking about can be dealt with, should be dealt with, but is rarely, if ever, discussed.

The issue is incompetence.

Many police officers are not physically fit to do their job. While this may not come as a shock, what is shocking is the lack of discussion that this fact receives when an unarmed man or woman is killed by a police officer. I think I may know why.

We grow up learning to have respect for those in uniform. We stand on the sides of parades and catch candy thrown at those who serve our communities. There is a reverence for police, as there should be. Serving and protecting others in order to foster a safe and productive society is an honorable profession ... click here to continue reading.