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New Article: Non Violent Self-Defense

March 22, 2015

By Chet Schemahorn

In this day and age our society needs non-violent self-defense
training. First lets define Non-Violent Self-Defense: control, escapes, punch block, sweeps, and choking techniques rather than using strikes or joint locks. Fighting is not self defense... Though we have an absolute right to defend ourselves we do not always have a right to hurt others in the process. By choking with proper technique (by stopping the blood flow without crushing the trachea ) one can render an attacker unconscious without injuring them. By using control techniques to hold someone down, instead of striking or applying a joint-lock, you minimize the injury potential. As they fatigue, they will be less of a threat. The same is true for escape techniques that use leverage, not strikes or pressure points, to break free from their grasp. If the attacker high on drugs or so
drunk they do not feel pain, pressure points or strikes might actually make them more enraged and possibly escalate the violence of their attack. Punch block techniques are essential in non-violent self-defense, enabling you to stay safe when you are on the bottom of the fight until you can use an escape or sweep technique to achieve a more dominant top position. I respect all martial art disciplines; however, I feel Jiu-Jitsu gives the average person, the most effective techniques for Non-Violent Self-Defense. The other martial arts were formed in a different time, one our modern society has pushed away from. Nowadays, if the attacker is hurt badly, society allows them to sue the victim for damages.

Here are a few reasons why I think Non Violent Self-Defense is a better strategy.
Bodily fluids
Lawsuits and cost of proving innocence
Weapons can injure innocent bystanders
Good will towards other humans.
Bodily fluids are especially scary when you consider the fact it only takes 1 drop of blood from the attacker and you could end up with whatever they have. One drop of blood to get in your eye, mouth, a scrape or cut and you might contract aids, hepatitis or any other blood borne disease. Strikes to the head bleed a lot and if you are trapped - under an attacker that is bleeding you are going to be covered in here to continue reading.

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