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Navy SEALs GST in San Diego: SOLD OUT!

October 9, 2014

Michigan GST Level 1 is in 2 Weeks!

It's official, the GST course in San Diego has reached max capacity, making it our quickest GST sell out of all time! As you know, this course will be taking place at the Naval Special Warfare Compound in San Diego, and as a special bonus, the GST course participants from outside agencies will get a special close quarters combat training module taught by the SEALs themselves!


GST Officially Approved in Michigan
Earlier this year, Gracie Survival Tactics was reviewed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) and was approved organization. This means that law enforcement officers in Michigan will be able to get official law enforcement training credit and funding for participation in the GST course. With MCOLES approval, it is only fitting that the last Level 1 GST course of the year be held in Michigan. The course takes place in Livingston County on the week of October 27-31 and will be taught by Ryron Gracie. There are under 10 spots left so if you want to attend, please call Student Services at 310-353-4100 x0. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the 23 GST techniques and completely revamp your departments Defensive Tactics training program!

GST Level 2 in Texas - November 3-7 with Rener Gracie
All GST Level 1 graduates, including Michigan participants, are qualified to attend the Level 2 GST course scheduled for Arlington, Texas from November 3-7, 2014. To learn more, click here.

To register, Click Here or call Student Services: 310-353-4100 (ext. 0)
For Local Information, contact Deputy Mark Click: or call (517) 546-2445
For technical questions: email or call (817) 692-8303

NEW GST Scholarship Opportunity
If you are very interested in GST Instructor Certification, but you have been denied funding by your department, you may qualify for a unique sponsorship opportunity through Guardian Educational Fund. For the first time ever, this amazing organization is offering full scholarships for qualified officers to attend GST courses throughout the country. To learn more, or to apply for a GST scholarship, click here.