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Narrated Sparring: Rener vs. Purple Belt

June 29, 2012

Listen in and learn the Gracie Mindset unlike ever before!

This is a video sample from the new Gracie-Narrated Live Sparring Video Library available through Gracie University. In this incredible new library, we give you unprecedented access to the live sparring sessions at the Gracie Academy headquarters. In each video, you'll watch Ryron, Rener, or one of the other Gracie Academy instructors, sparring with partners of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels in gi and no-gi training sessions. You'll also see how the Gracies use targeted focus sparring exercises -- such as positional sparring, fight simulation, and handicap sparring (two people vs. one, one arm tied down, blindfolded, etc) -- to optimize technical mastery and reflex development. Best of all, every sparring match is fully narrated by Ryron or Rener Gracie! Not only will you be able to see how all the techniques should be applied in real time against resistant opponents, but you get to listen in and learn the exact thought process the Gracie Brothers use to make it all possible!

New Video: Rener vs. Purple Belt (Both Hands Tied)

The bottom line is that this video library will help you reach technical and mindset mastery faster than ever before, making it an essential growth tool in the arsenal of any dedicated Gracie Jiu-Jitsu student! These insightful videos can be viewed on any Smartphone or Mobile device but they can only be accessed through Gracie University. With new Gracie-Narrated Sparring Videos being uploaded every month, this is certainly one of the most important and entertaining video libraries every offered by the Gracie Brothers!

To learn more about the new Gracie-Narrated Sparring Videos and how you can get access to the full library for five days free, click here.