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Michigan Officially Approves of GST

May 22, 2014

Huge News for Michigan Law Enforcement Professionals

On May 15th Rener and Eve Gracie traveled to Lansing, Michigan to conduct a one-day instructional module to introduce the lead DT trainers and training commanders of Michigan LE agencies to Gracie Survival Tactics. The participants were introduced to the techniques and principles of the system. The participants observed how Eve, who was smaller and weaker than Rener, could successfully perform the techniques on him, neutralizing the physical disparity. "My grandfather, Helio Gracie, was 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed 140 lbs, yet he regularly fought challengers of all sizes, even opponents who were over 300 pounds." said Rener. This is important because, modern police agencies do not necessarily select the biggest and strongest candidates to become police officers - rightfully so. However, this means that a smaller-statured officer may have to face a much larger, stronger, and more athletic opponent at any time. "The gift my grandfather gave to the world is to empower the small and weak against the big and strong. I can think of no group more worthy of this than the men and women who put on the uniform every day to protect society from those who prey on the weak."

Additionally, the participants were introduced to GST's piece de resistance, the Gracie instructional methodologies. The centerpiece of Gracie Instructional Methodologies is the Gracie Slice Presentation Formula or "SPF". The SPF is a teaching formula, that when followed, will maximize the student's understanding and retention of a technique. The SPF has been so successful that some agencies have adopted the Gracie Instructional Methodologies/SPF to teach non-defensive tactics material. For example, one agency has their firearms cadre teaching firearms using the SPF.

Earlier this year, GST was approved by MCOLES (the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) for official MCOLES credit. Some of the documents submitted in this approval process were the Legal and Medical reviews. Below are some highlights of the reviews:

1. The legal review - The instruction and methods taught in the GST program are consistent with federal case law as it applies to police use of force. It stated that the multiple options, given in the GST program, enable the L.E. officer to "appropriately address the wide variety of circumstances that they may encounter in a fluid, rapidly changing environment".

2. The medical statement - It was noted: while no system can guarantee an absence of injury in a physical altercation, the GST program places a "significant emphasis on mitigating injuries". It also concluded that the GST program represents "a significant advancement in officer safety for both training and street application while concurrently protecting the rights of the accused."

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