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Metamoris Pro Results

October 17, 2012

As expected, the six incredible superfights delivered!

The first Metamoris Pro Jiu-Jitsu Invitational was a blazing success. Twelve of the world's top jiu-jitsu players gathered at the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California to put on the jiu-jitsu supershow that every jiu-jitsu enthusiast dreams of. Six super fights, 20 minutes each, no points, submission only. For those who missed the live broadcast, here are the quick results:

Caio Terra defeats Jeff Glover (via Triangle-Armbar)
Between Jeff giving up virtually every position, and Caio tapping Jeff on the butt, this was arguably the most playful match of the event. About 15 minutes in, Jeff gives up his arm just to prove he could escape, but it didn't pan out. Caio locked up the triangle-armbar and sealed the deal.

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Kayron Gracie (via Kimura Armlock)
Both guys were after it from the get go. After some beautiful sweeps and near submissions, Rafael passes Kayron's guard and secures a beautiful Kimura from side mount about 13 minutes into the match.

Kron Gracie defeats Otavio Souza (via Straight Armlock)
After a 17-minute beautiful exchange of sweeps and open guard work, Kron gets past Otavio's guard and establishes side mount. Otavio tries to recover half guard but Kron stuffs it and ends up on the other side, from where he catches a beautiful straight armlock.

Xande Ribeiro and Dean Lister (draw)
A beautiful 20-minute display of jiu-jitsu. Xande's guard passes were amazing, and he showed amazing submission awareness by preventing Dean's leg locks. Dean showed Houdini-like escape skills by surviving a fully-extended Xande armlock.

Ryron Gracie and Andre Galvao (draw)
Beautiful takedown and guard pass by Galvao early. Galvao achieves side mount and attacks relentlessly, but Ryron's defense was too sharp. Ryron allowed Galvao to achieve mount at one point, just so he could demonstrate the Trap and Roll. Time ran out just as Andre started slowing down and Ryron started turning up the heat.

Roger Gracie and Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida (draw)
Buchecha executes a beautiful double leg takedown early. Roger gets a guard pass but can't close the deal. Buchecha lands a toe-hold footlock and perfect straight armlock that Roger miraculously escapes. Amazing show from two of the most dangerous heavyweights in the game.

If you missed the live stream, you can still purchase the recording of the full show online here.