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Metamoris 4 - Huge Success!

August 13, 2014

Six Exciting Matches - Warning Spoilers Ahead

Metamoris 4 went down this past Saturday and was one of the most exciting events yet! The event started with Gary Tonan submitting Kit Dale with a guillotine that occurred off a crazy scramble, and after the event Gary called out Kron Gracie! The second match was a highly technical match between Saulo and Comprido which had awesome takedowns and some very exciting close calls. Although Vinny and Keenan's match ended in a draw, there were a ton of sweeps, leg attacks and even an armbar by Keenan in the last 30 seconds that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The secret match ended up being veteran Baret Yoshia versus Metamoris announcer Jeff Glover! They had a technical back and forth match with Jeff displaying his "donkey guard," and other unorthodox moves. The co-main event had Josh Barnett shut down Dean Lister for 19 minutes and he ended up with the submission victory with only 10 seconds to spare! Josh becomes the first heavyweight champion of Metamoris and Ralek teased that perhaps another big name heavyweight challenge is in store for Josh at M5. And finally in the main event, Andre Galvao submitted Chael Sonnen with a rear naked choke, around the 15 minute mark. Chael was doing an amazing job of keeping Andre down and shutting down the guard attacks, but one mistake allowed Andre to sneak around the back and slowly work the choke when the time was right. All of the competitors displayed beautiful jiu-jitsu and grappling, making for an extremely entertaining event. The event is still available to purchase and watch through the website for three months, click here to purchase the event.