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Machida vs. Munoz: The Aftershock

November 5, 2013

Keeping it Respectful on the Highest Level

Mark and Lyoto train together at the Gracie Academy. On Saturday, Oct. 26, they were forced to fight one another in Manchester, UK. Ryron cornered Munoz, Rener cornered Machida. Lyoto won the fight by knockout with a spectacular head kick in the first round. But the only thing more spectacular than the kick was what happened afterwards. Instead of continuing to punch Mark, Lyoto held back and chose not to punch while he waited for the ref to intervene. Even though there was a good chance that Mark would regain consciousness immediately after the knock down, Lyoto held back. It was amazing. After the ref intervened, Lyoto did not celebrate. He stayed by Marks side until he regained consciousness. Once Mark was up, they hugged, and Lyoto apologized for what he had to do and asked to continue their friendship. After the event was over, both teams went to dinner, and as promised the winner bought dinner.

It was amazing to see these fighters go to war and then display such a high degree of respect and sportsmanship during and after the fight. MMA needs more of this.