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Learn To Paint In A Brand New Way

January 10, 2017

A New Online Course By A Renowned Master Artist

WeArtFamily takes you inside the studio of a renowned Italian maestro who has decided to reveal all the secrets and techniques he has developed in over sixty-five years of constant artistry. The online course, structured on three levels, will take you through the various stages of realizing a painting, from the mystery of inspiration, to the completed work of art.

The Maestro
The 81 year old Ercole Pignatelli, invited twice at the Venice Biennial, still continues his daily artistic struggle, whatever the size and type of the painting surface or the materials at his disposal.

Believe in your Creativity
Today, having reached the maximum of his own pictorial essence, we have found a way to share all his rich experience with everyone, hoping that it could stimulate others to rediscover their own creativity, or simply to enrich and enhance it, so that they can use it in whatever kind of context. That's why the teaching method is based on sharing the experience of the maestro, freed from dry academic considerations and aimed at lighting the flame of your inventiveness.

Watch the Basic Course free of charge on