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August 26, 2015

Check Out The Feedback From The Most Recent Courses

Summer time is the busiest time for the Gracie Survival Tactics program, with almost two courses a month. Here is some of the recent feedback we have received from law enforcement officers.

"The instruction was excellent! They did a fantastic job of incorporating the prescribed teaching method all week so when it was laid out on Thursday; it was easy to see how/why it was so effective. Really great method! I would definitely recommend this class to my fellow instructors."

"I was impressed with the entire staff and their determined concern to teach/train. The approach and methods used made all types of training great to learn. Controlling the mount, and mount and roll most valuable."

"The way it was taught and described with detail and walking through each step slowly to where everyone loved the course. I would recommend."

"Amazing. As a new trainee, I appreciate the comfortable setting in which training was conducted, I would highly recommend."

There are still courses available to attend in 2015 in the following cities:

Ft. Benning, Georgia - August 30 - September 4
Torrance, California - September 21-25
San Diego, California - October 12-16
Livingston, Michigan - October 26-30
Pleasanton, California - November 16-20

To register for one of the upcoming courses, click here.