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Kid Dies from The Choke Game

April 23, 2012

Today's youth are participating in a game commonly known as 'The Choke Game.' It is the act of blocking the blood flow to the brain in exchange for a few seconds of feeling high, without the danger of being caught with drugs. This is a widely publicized game among adolescents, with several how-tos on the Internet, but there is little awareness about how it can cause brain damage and even death.

New Video: Kids Dies from "The Choke Game"

There has been growing number of deaths caused by choking horseplay. Just earlier this month a Gracie Breakdown was created to address this very topic after hearing of a man being inadvertently choked to death by his younger cousin. The Gracie Brothers are reemphasizing the dangers of this kind of play and how it's unwise to take these serious matters lightly.

New Video: Gracie Breakdown on the dangers of choking horseplay

It is encouraged to revisit these videos with the people around you; this information needs to be acknowledged and commonly known. If you have a child, it is guaranteed they have heard of a version of this game, but don't assume they know the dangers. Watch and share these videos so we can prevent future accidents.