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Keeping It Playful From 3 Years Old!

October 10, 2013

Check this kid out!

This testimonial was sent to us by Jeremy's father, Jimmi.

"Since Jeremy was 3 years old, he and I have been playing the Gracie Games every couple of weeks, but within the last couple of months, it 's been on a weekly basis (several times in the week) as he's always wanting to play. In the short time he's been playing jiu-jitsu, he has really developed an awesome foundation physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have Jeremy drop in a local bjj gym at least once a week or every other week, but more for the sake of socializing with other children of his age group. However, he does apply the skills he learned from the Gracie Games, which really brings him up to par with the kids at the gym -- who train jiu jitsu everyday rather than play it. Recently, my son entered his first competition at a local bjj tournament for kids. He said he had a lot of fun, and despite being able to medal in both the gi and no gi divisions, we both knew the real reward was everything else that came out of it -- the courage, the confidence, and more importantly, the bond between father and son. I had told Jeremy before his matches, to make sure that he just has fun, does his best, and to keep it playful. I am very proud of him being able to do just that in front of dozens and dozens of yelling parents which is overwhelming for any 4 year old or young child for that matter. As a parent who follows the Parent Preparation Course, we have both developed a keep it playful mindset. Because of what your family has been able to provide for mine, I am deeply grateful for it.

Gracie Family, thank you very much for helping assist in my son's jiu jitsu foundation and preparing him for life. I am sure Grandmaster Helio is smiling over us knowing that jiu-jitsu has a great future!"

-Jimmi T