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Jiu-Jitsu Master Mixes Kale & Bullyproofing!

August 22, 2014

Great new article published in the Christian Science Monitor

By Lisa Suhey

Kids may not listen to their parents about making smarter food choices, but it's amazing how fast they line up to eat kale on the advice presented by Rener Gracie, who comes from "the first family of martial arts" and his right-hand man, mixed martial arts fighter Brian "T-City" Ortega.

This is the classic parenting issue of seeing kids ignore your message, but happily accept the very same idea when delivered by a celebrity or someone they think is cooler than Mom or Dad.

I watched in awe this week as 65 inner-city kids, attending a week-long "BullyProof" Camp in Norfolk, Va., hosted by Norfolk Karate Academy, got excited about beets and juicing as part of a very holistic approach to combat bullying.

Parents, like me (whose son attended the camp in the past), have a name for what Mr. Gracie exudes during his sessions: "Renergy." It's a term that plays off Gracie's first name, and the enthusiasm and inspiration he instills in kids.

Add to that the fact that kids get a bit star-struck by the Gracie family name, and you have a one-two combination for helping kids down both veggies and here to read more.

To see a short video clip of the incredible energy at Norfolk Bullyproof Camp, click here.