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Jiu-Jitsu in Afghanistan

September 14, 2011

This was sent to us from one of our students of the CTC in Jacksonville, Florida, who is a Marine stationed in Afghanistan. He has already survived an IED blast that took him out of commission for two weeks and when he went back into the field, he got to use his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu skills to help defuse a deadly situation and possibly save a life. Gracie Combatives worked for a blue belt serving our country in Afghanistan!

"About three weeks ago when on a normal foot patrol we came up onto an area that been known to have a lot of foot traffic mostly guys trying to move weapons and drugs, so our orders were to do a Check Point to search everyone. About two hours in to this, I heard an argument not paying mind to it I saw one of my marines trying to take down a Local. Upon taking this Local down they started rolling around. When I saw this it looked like he was going for a gun or knife in his pocket. Acting as quickly as I could, I pulled the guy off and ended up taking him down from the back by using the rear takedown. At that point I lost control and ended up in the guard position. With the dirt everywhere and went straight to Stage 1 of the Punch Block Series. I told my Marines to back off and take down the other two local guys. While holding this guy down, I knew I had to make a move because he was still trying to grab something out of his pocket. So I quickly went into Stage 2 to control his arms better and then I went right into a Triangle Choke. Once I had him locked in the Triangle, I had enough control to grab some handcuffs to arrest him. It was amazing how a simple technique like the Triangle Choke can be used to kill or take control of a threat. Although it was hard to grapple with the gear on, and the dirt I was in my eyes, I was still able to use Gracie Combatives to achieve the advantage. Once he was handcuffed, we searched the local and found a knife in his pocket. I never thought I would use my jiu-jitsu in Afghanistan, but I am glad that it was there when I needed it."

Marine Corps Sgt.
Currently Stationed in Afghanistan