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It's like having Christmas every Monday morning!

July 26, 2012

What the people are saying about the new GU Subscription Programs

"There are lots of videos of people sparring and competing on the web. What I love about the GU sparring videos is that every single one is narrated by Ryron or Rener. My mental jiu-jitsu has grown more in the three weeks that I've been watching these videos, than it did in the 18 months that I've been training at my bjj school." -Herman F. (Chattanooga, TN)

"I used to hate Monday's, but now that I know a new sparring/breakdown video will be in my lesson library, I have no problem waking up. It's like having Christmas every Monday morning!" -Chris D. (St. Paul, MN)

"The narrated sparring videos are so fun to watch. I feel like I am at the Gracie Academy even though I live in Argentina." -Miguel T. (Rosario, Argentina)

"Watching the bonus Gracie Breakdowns makes me realize how simple a fight really is. It's incredible to see how many fights have been won with only the fundamental techniques of Gracie Jiu-jitsu." -Jamie S. (Virginia Beach, VA)

" when I'm sparring I actually hear their voices in my head, it's crazy!" -Justin O. (San Jose, CA)

To see what all the excitement is about, get to Gracie University and try any of the new subscription program 100% free for five days.

Once you've had a chance to explore the new video libraries, please send us your feedback at