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Inside BJJ Ep. #86: Rener Gracie

June 27, 2013

Press play and let the Renergy flow!

Even though Rener's voice was totally ripped up from the Gracie Bullyproof camp he taught last week, he still brought the full Renergy to the latest episode of the Inside BJJ Podcast.

Rener Gracie talks about jiu-jitsu for law enforcement, what reasonable force is, and how Rener and Ryron innovate new self-defense techniques for law enforcement. The hosts ask Rener about Metamoris 3, Brendan Schuab's performance, submission only jiu-jitsu, and what points have done to the evolution of jiu-jitsu. At the end, they ask Rener about some jiu-jitsu rumors, and much, much more! Press play and let the good times roll! Rener's interview starts at 24m 45s.

New Interview: Inside BJJ Ep. #86: Rener Gracie