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Immersion for the Entire Family!

May 31, 2013

Check out what the Dunn Family had to say...

My family and I wanted to share our testimonial on what a great time we had at the Gracie Immersion Camp 2013. The experience was awesome not only from the jiu-jitsu level, but from a personal level as well. What I have found that makes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so great and different is how family oriented it is. The Gracie Academy is part of my home because we are 100% Gracie University students. We do not belong to any gym or dojo, only Gracie University. So everyday whether thru correspondence emails, Gracie Insider, or lessons in the Gracie Garage you guys are a part of our family everyday! It was refreshing to meet some of the staff that work so hard, and to meet as well as reunite with friends. You really feel like you are part of something much bigger. Last year I had the chance to see this at the 2012 camp, and this year my whole family had the same opportunity. The kids loved Gracie Bullyproof with Brian Ortega, and my wife is so fired up from her experience in Women Empowered with Eve and Victoria. I learned in Master Cycle that defense is what I need to work on, being young in the art, and that offense will come later from defending so well. I even got to meet the creator of Gracie University! My best experience though definitely was receiving my blue belt in front of my family. When I first started 16 months ago I told myself when I received any belt, it had to be from a Gracie. Well, that dream came true, but there is more dreams to come. This is just the beginning. Thank you Gracie family and Gracie Academy staff for allowing my family and I to be a part of yours. You guys touch lives in such a positive way.

Keep The Fire!

The Dunn Family