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How the Renergy was Born

June 6, 2014

Ryron's New Blog Post from

The ability to tap your training partner at will is something every one of us can appreciate. My brothers were always my main training partners at home on the living room carpet and at the academy on the mat, and I can no longer tap them at will. Let me tell you why

When I was 18, I would tap the 16-year-old Rener every chance I got, this meant I was submitting him at least 6-10 times per day.

One year later that number dropped 2-4 submissions per day, and another year after that, he turned 18.

Imagine being caught in the same 6 submissions thousands of times. Although that would make the average person feel like jiu-jitsu is not for them, that's not what happened with Rener. Every time I caught a submission, he would take that experience, digest it, and recycle the information into the next day of training. Most of the time he did not take enough from the experience to defend against the same submission the next day. Mainly because I had strength, speed and age over him. Fortunately for Rener, he continued to add to his understanding of the submissions and he trusted that in time he would have the experience, timing and knowledge to stop whatever submission I delivered.

If you're going to catch your little brother, or less knowledgable training partner, in 2,000 submissions, the question you have to ask yourself is: Do you want to spread those 2,000 submissions over 10 years or over 2 years?

I'm sure it would be nice to tap your training partner out over the next 10 years.

On the flip side, we also need to consider the idea that the sooner your training partner can stop your attacks the sooner they will start to attacking you. The more people you have that can survive your offense and threaten you, the better. Although I miss the days when I could catch Rener at will, the threat he imposes each time we roll is unlike anyone else in the world and that is priceless.

My advice would be that you tap your less knowledgable training partners 2 to 3 times per day at most, let them tap you also. This way you are not demoralizing them too much and you are not giving away too much of your game. At the same time you are showing them what to watch out for, and before you know it, you'll have your very own Rener there to threaten your life and sharpen your defensive sword every chance he gets plus forcing you to perfect more attacks!

You're welcome Rener :)