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Happy Halloween, Gracie Style!

October 31, 2012

Kids: Show your discipline and get a free gi patch

At the Gracie Academy Headquarters we are very committed to teaching the principles of discipline and healthy living to our students, especially the kids. A few years back, we started a Halloween Candy Collection Program and it was such a success that we're doing it again this year. The way it works is, kids go trick-or-treating as usual and collect as much candy as they want. When they get home, they are allowed to pick out five pieces of candy to keep/eat, but the rest has to be turned in to the Gracie Academy. Any child who turns in all their remaining candy to the Gracie Academy within 7 days of Halloween will receive a free Gracie gi patch as a reward for overall discipline and health-conscious decision-making capability.

Note: Adults cannot participate :)