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Happy Birthday Ryron

December 1, 2015

The Keep-it-Plaful Guru Celebrates 34 Years

For those who don't know, today, December 1, Ryron celebrates his 34th birthday. We want to take this opportunity to thank Ryron for his unparalleled dedication to perpetuating the Gracie way and for giving birth to the Keep-it-Playful movement! Thanks to Ryron, jiu-jitsu practitioners around the world are learning to approach jiu-jitsu with a productively playful philosophy that will undoubtedly double (or even triple) their "jiu-jitsu lifespans." If only Ryron would teach all of us how to escape his armlocks, he would be doing the greatest service to mankind! Congratulations Ryron and thank you!

If you live around the Las Vegas area and want to wish him a Happy Birthday in person, visit him at his seminar at Gracie Humaita Las Vegas tonight from 7-9pm.