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Gracie News A Womans Point of View

August 6, 2010

Testimonial submitted to on July 14, 2010.

"Beginning of 2009, just after having another one of a series of hard life events, life was sort of out of balance. I had been living sort of in a zone for many years. Everything was habitual. I did not have to think about ANYTHING. Everything was pretty much the same about every day. Even the food I eat, same item every day all day. The brain already had (has) too many open processes and it interfered with the ability to make decisions unless it was forced. A guy from work, sort of like a big (literally big) brother, talked me into going to train with him and the guys (other big brothers) in jiu-jitsu. I had already learned to trust him (our lives depended on it) and he introduced me to another guy who was pretty cool and immediately I was okay with training with him (very rare to be okay with closeness with someone I don't know.) I decided to train because I needed to be able to make decisions again without extreme difficulty. I wanted to be able to still think when things get tough and make clear decisions. I don't want to live on auto pilot anymore, but I tend to still do that. In July of 2009, we started training in the Gracie Combatives. Prior to that, due to some medical issues, I ended up with some broken ribs and a few other injuries. The medical issues, which cause joint issues along with neurological issues, especially in the shoulders and hips, is what I find the hardest / biggest challenge with training. I want to do the techniques perfectly, but I have hard time. I have been through all 36 lessons and have the BBQD's memorized, but because I fear failing (which in my life is less than perfect), I haven't had the courage to test. I need to know the techniques I am doing are good before I can handle being "graded" on the techniques. What I love about the Gracie University training is the fact that Masters Ryron and Rener keep my attention

I love watching their interactions with each other. It is awesome to see brothers who you can tell love & care for each other. I really like watching the Bullyproof series because of the way the play with the younger brothers. Very cool. Training has helped me by giving me something to do, something to look forward to doing. When I am working towards something it helps. Helps me to feel like I am doing something beneficial and given me something to aim for more than just trying to get through each day. I have not used GJJ on the street. There have been times that I wished I had known what to do to be able to fight. I trained in another martial art for years just trying to feel safe. It was good for many things, but never really helped with that issue. There are two groups of people that I am around often who I feel could greatly use the Gracie Combatives. Those I work with would benefit greatly, especially if they would incorporate the Gracie lifestyle. For most of them, the techniques may save their life. The other group is youth that I work with around church. Most of them come from broken homes and they have no confidence and for some reason or another hate themselves. They are broken inside. For them, the training would probably drastically change their outlook on life and help them realize that they can control their future and they don't have to follow the same path of life that has been dealt them. I am trying to figure out all the paperwork the church requires and figure out funding to be able to teach them martial arts. I am certified to teach the training that I trained in for years and continue to practice because it is habit, but would love to get to the point of being able to teach Gracie Combatives also. First steps first legal paperwork to reduce liability on the church. If I HAD to change one thing about GU, maybe the color scheme lol. I guess I would probably like to see more of the Gracie girls (sisters) training and teaching. I always wonder if they trained in GJJ also. It would help for the girls that feel like outsiders to see that they were trained also. I really enjoy the training. Thank you for making this available for those who do not live near the Academy. Thank you to Master Rorion for raising children who set good examples for others to follow. It is awesome to know that not only are they drug and alcohol free, but that they don't even go for the piercings and tattoos that seem to be way to popular these days. Awesome to have role models that are cool, but who are also real! Thank you.

Victoria D.
Fort Mohave, Arizona"