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Gracie News

GU Interface Upgrade Input

June 14, 2013

Free autographed GU T-shirt if we use your idea!

It's time for a major upgrade to the Gracie University interactive lesson interface, and we need your help. Gracie University launched in 2008 and now it's being used by over 80,000 students in 196 countries, and now we'd like to hear your feedback on how we can make the overall user experience better and more intuitive for everyone.

Here are some interface upgrades we already plan on implementing:
- Universal player that will work across all desktop and mobile devices
- Variable bandwidth video that will adjust to the user's capacity
- Dynamic Silent Drill list for easy access
- A better "full screen" video option
- Improved chat system with multiple levels
- Integrated Lesson Notes (Jiu-Jitsu Journal)
- Integrated Feedback and Ratings
- Integrated Polls
- Integrated Factoids
If you have an idea that isn't on the list, please send it to If you're the first one to submit a good idea that we actually implement, we'll send you a free autographed Gracie University t-shirt!