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GST Used by School Resource Officer

November 15, 2011

I wanted to give feedback on the GST maneuver(s) that I recently used while on duty. I am a SRO (School Resource Officer) and I was pursuing a suspect that entered the High School without permission. When approached by school officials he ran from the scene. I was called and took chase. When I caught up to the suspect a struggle ensued. I was able to take the suspect down with a Body Fold Takedown as he was throwing a punch. The suspect rolled to his stomach and hid his arms under his body, refusing to be handcuffed, so I employed the Hidden Arm Handcuffing Technique and his arm popped out right away. I was able to handcuff the suspect and take him into custody without use of any punches or elevated force options. It worked to perfection. Thanks Gracie Academy for the training!

-Richard Hope

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