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GST Techniques Save the Day

August 1, 2012

Law Enforcement Testimonial from an incident on 7/31/12

"I wanted to share with you what occurred today while encountering a combative, intoxicated and likely drugged gang member suspect who was attempting to fight civilians and causing severe disturbances.

While going to contact the suspect, he was ordered to lie on the ground but he failed to comply. The suspect placed his hands in the front of his hooded sweatshirt pockets which made me suspect he could have had a weapon. Before he could display a weapon, I tackled the suspect to the ground from behind.

As he struck the ground, he immediately rolled to his back and placed his fists towards his torso as though he was going to strike. I established a full mount and before he was able to strike me and executed the Twisting-arm Handcuffing Technique on his right arm. After doing so, I effectively rolled him to his stomach. As he was on the ground, he was resistive and attempted to remove his arm but was unsuccessful based on the effective use of my body weight and control of his arm. After tiring, the suspect said he was sorry and appeared as though he would comply.

I told the suspect that I was going to secure his arm behind his back and he was to comply. He agreed and I placed his arm behind his back. I then established a GST, proned handcuffing technique and secured the suspect in handcuffs.

Once in handcuffs, the suspect again became combative and was forced to the patrol vehicle where he was ultimately transported to the county jail and booked on several misdemeanor charges.

This is a case in which much higher levels of force would have been justified to include pepper spray, baton, taser or strikes. All of those could have resulted in injury to the suspect or myself had they been applied but it ended with no injury to me or the suspect thanks to the GST techniques."

Officer Matt Monteverde
Flagstaff Police Department
Patrol Division/ Tactical Operations Team

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