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Gracie News

GST Level 2 Law Enforcement Course in Texas

October 10, 2013

All GST Level 1 Graduates Invited to Attend!

In 4 weeks, Rener Gracie will head back to Texas to host the first-ever Level 2 GST Law Enforcement course outside of Torrance. Over the last 2 years, the Gracies have been gathering reports and recommendations from GST instructors around the world, and the curriculum is finally complete. There were four contributors that went above and beyond in helping the Level 2 course come together. Our special thanks to Charlie Moore (US Marshals Service), Chuck Smith (US Customs and Border Protection), Charles Fernandez (Arlington, TX PD), and Craig Hanaumi (Bellevue, WA PD). Altogether, the GST Level 2 course features 14 totally new lessons including, but not limited to:

New Handcuffing Procedures

New Weapon Retention Strategies (standing and ground)

New Multiple Officer Arrest Procedures

New Gracie Two-man Takedown Techniques

New Edged Weapon Defense Strategies (standing and ground)

New Standing Wall-Control Tactics

New CQB Ground Control Tactics

New Gracie Teaching Methodologies
To register for the Level 2 course in Arlington, Texas, click here. To watch a exciting video which features some clips from the first Level 2 course, click here.