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GST L2 Technique Used on High School Intruder

December 10, 2013

Figure-Four Leg Lock Works like a charm!

Last week, this report was submitted to us by GST Level II graduate Matt Monteverde regarding a use of force incident in Arizona.

On December 6, 2013 at 9:20am, a distraught, mentally ill man walked into one of our local high schools with intent that remains unknown. He walked directly into the school and told a front office secretary that he was there to, "right some wrongs." This in turn raised significant concerns as the man walked down the hallways into the school until confronted by the school principal. As he did so, the school was placed on lockdown and the police were notified. Being first on scene, I ran directly to the man along with my partner, Officer Herrera.

We reached the suspect and immediately went to detain him at which time he became resistive and was taken to the ground where he actively began to fight. The suspect was kicking his feet and flailing his body in what was a clear attempt to injure us and escape the scene. Recognizing that Officer Herrera was controlling the suspect's upper body by holding him in a headlock and securing his left arm, I utilized the Gracie Survival Tactics, Level Two technique, "Figure Four Lockdown" (Multiple Officer Arrest Procedures) of his legs. This technique allowed me to stop the suspect from kicking, completely immobilize his legs and once I had secured the technique, he submitted his arms to be handcuffed and stated, "Ok I won't resist you anymore. I will cooperate." The suspect was ultimately taken to the local jail where he faces multiple charges.

Thanks to the invaluable teachings of the Gracie Academy through the Gracie Survival Tactics program, I learned this technique (along with many others) which played a vital role in subduing a suspect that could have caused injury to officers, students and faculty alike. The Gracie Survival Tactics program sets the defensive tactics standards by which all others should be measured. Thank you Gracie Academy!

Officer Matt Monteverde #32
Flagstaff, AZ Police Department
Patrol Division/ Special Weapons and Tactics Team

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