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GST is now Medically and Legally reviewed!

April 30, 2014

Great News for Law Enforcement Trainers Everywhere

It is widely known that the tactical effectiveness of the GST techniques have been tested and proven for decades. However, a Law Enforcement agency has to also consider the legal and medical ramifications of the tactics and techniques that they use. We are pleased to announce that legal and medical reviews have just been completed on the GST system.

The legal review concluded that the instruction and methods taught in the GST program are consistent with federal case law as it applies to police use of force. It stated that the multiple options, given in the GST program, enable the L.E. officer to "appropriately address the wide variety of circumstances that they may encounter in a fluid, rapidly changing environment".

In the medical statement, it was noted: while no system can guarantee an absence of injury in a physical altercation, the GST program places a "significant emphasis on mitigating injuries". It also concluded that the GST program represents "a significant advancement in officer safety for both training and street application while concurrently protecting the rights of the accused."

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Gracie Survival Tactics is Coming to Louisiana and Wyoming

April 15-18 Ryron Gracie will be in Pineville, LA
Hosted by the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group

May 19-22 Rener Gracie will be in Laramie, WY
Hosted by the Laramie Police Department.

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