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Gracie University Finally Viewable on Mobile Devic

November 23, 2011

To date we've answered nearly 10,000 questions in the "Ask the Gracies" forums at And of all the questions we've received, one of the most frequent is, "When can we watch our Gracie University lessons on our mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.)?" Well, we are delighted to announce that the time has finally come. We built a super simplified mobile-friendly version of the website which can be accessed at on any smart-phone or tablet.

How it Works
The idea is that from this site, you will have access to any lessons that you have in your GU lesson library. In order to access the mobile site and view lessons, simply log in and select a course from those that you own. Then, you can select any lesson from within that course and view the complete lesson as well as a detailed lesson printout with all the key details for that lesson. And if you're short on time, you can watch a "silent demo" of any "slice" or variation of a technique. Last but not least, you can watch the complete test for any Gracie University course, right on your mobile device! The bottom line, with mobile access to Gracie University lessons, you can make progress towards GJJ mastery 24/7 (unless you want to cut out a few hours for sleep here and there).

Only Gracie Combatives for Now
Currently the mobile site is in beta testing, so we only have the Gracie Combatives course available for mobile viewing. Within a few weeks we hope to have the rest of the Gracie University courses available as well. Until then, sharpen your Gracie Combatives sword and let us know what you think of the mobile accessibility site by posting your thoughts in the GU forums.

Click on the image to visit Gracie University Mobile