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Gracie News

Gracie University 2.0

July 15, 2011

Gracie University was launched a little over two years ago, and we just hit 48,400 students in 189 different countries. Over the last two years we have received tons of valuable feedback from dedicated GU students all over the world, and although we've made minor changes from time to time, it wasn't until last week that we conducted our first major site update. Although the website had to go offline for a short while to get the updates loaded to the live server (which we apologize for), the changes are all in place and Gracie University 2.0 is ready to roll.

Here are some of the key student-generated ideas that we've implemented:

1. Ability to switch lessons/courses from within the lesson player page
2. Ability to access just "my forum posts" in the GU forums
3. Improved compatibility with new generation browsers
4. Enhanced navigation throughout the site
5. Wide screen video capability
6. Wider layout for the whole website for better content display
7. Improved table sorting and paging throughout

Click here to visit Gracie University, and if you get a chance, please post your thoughts on version 2.0 in the GU General Topics forum.

Coming Soon: GU on your mobile device
One of the most requested updates was the ability to access GU lessons on mobile devices. We just want to let you know that we hear you loud and clear and that we are in the process of making this happen. As soon as we have a set date, we'll let you know!