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Gracie Survival Tactics Is Working

August 2, 2016

Amazing Feedback From One Department That Was Just Certified

Good afternoon,

My name is Corporal Grindle and I recently attended GST Level 1 at the Norfolk Karate Academy. I am the defensive tactics coordinator for the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office and wanted to share some examples of how the GST program really translates to real life situations. Our department has the privilege of holding DT in-service classes yearly for all members of the department to attend. The DT instructors and myself meet at the beginning of each year to come up with an agenda of techniques and information to teach to the students. With the help of some GST Level 2 graduates in the department, we ended up teaching everyone Twisting Arm Control (TAC), hidden arm, leg lace and the two person takedown techniques over a four-hour block of instruction. Over 20 in-service dates were scheduled throughout the year to ensure all members of the department would attend. Not long after the first couple of classes, I began to read incident reports generated by our deputies that included the use and application of some of these techniques. In particular, the two-person takedown has been used several times with success, hidden arm technique was successful and even had a deputy utilize the "straightjacket" variation of TAC from side control. Similar to the breakdowns that are done by the Gracie's on You Tube, I wish I could share the video recording of these incidents but my department will not allow that at this time. The overwhelming responses on the evaluations for this year's DT class were positive. To read reports and then hear firsthand from deputies about their success with these techniques really solidified my confidence that we are progressing in the right direction. As sheriff's deputies our main responsibility is to maintain safety and security in the city jail. 1500 inmates to roughly 40 deputies on a shift with only handcuffs, OC spray and personal weapons at our disposal make the GST techniques 100% essential in our line of work. On tap for next year is Vascular Neck Restraint escape and all instructors will be introduced to the slice presentation formula so that we may excel in our delivery and teaching of techniques to our students. I want to thank the GST family and all of the instructors involved with the program. Please share this information with all instructors, as I believe it is a great confidence booster. Thanks for your dedication to the safety of law enforcement officers all over the world.

P.S. Looking forward to Level 2!


Corporal T. Grindle

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