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Gracie Survival Tactics is Coming to Arizona

January 22, 2014

February 10-14 in Phoenix

Ryron will be teaching the first Gracie Survival Tactics seminar of the year. With more and more law enforcement officials becoming aware of the benefits of the program, we will be constantly adding new courses through out the year. Here are the list of cities where courses are currently being organized:

-Phoenix,Arizona - February
-Torrance, California - February and March
-Buffalo, New York - March
-Camp Beauregard - Pineville, Louisiana - April
-Rockport, South Carolina - April
-Laramie, Wyoming - May
-Burien, Washington - June
-Norfolk, Virgina - July
-Arlington, Texas - August
-Fort Benning, Georgia - September
-Torrance, California - September
-San Diego, California - October
-Arlington, Texas - November

If you are interesting in having a GST course taught in your city or learning more about attending a course in an existing city, please send an email to

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