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Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) for Law Enforcement

August 9, 2011

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the only system of self-defense proven over 85 years, to successfully enable the weak to defeat the strong. Unlike other Defensive Tactics courses, which rely on the physical attributes of the officer and/or a certain degree of cooperation from the opposing subject, Gracie Survival Tactics was designed to be used by any officer, male or female, in the absolute worst case scenario: you get attacked by someone who outweighs you by 50lbs, backup is 5 minutes away, your Taser malfunctions and the subject is on top of you trying to gain control of your firearm.

1. Surprise Attack Counters: The surprise attack by a suspect who has feigned compliance is one of the most common and most dangerous situations. While officers learn to recognize and defeat an imminent attack by employing a belt full of tools and weapons before the suspect can close within grappling range, use of these tools and weapons becomes very difficult and risky at close-range. The GST course specializes in defeating the worst-case, close-range attacks.

2. Survival & Escape Strategies: The GST course trains officers to use reliable leverage-based techniques to neutralize the initial barrage of strikes and gain control of the situation - with minimal use of strength, speed, or athleticism making it the ideal solution when attacked by larger, stronger suspects.

3. Weapon Retention Techniques: The GST course teaches simple weapon retention techniques to defeat an attacker's attempt to disarm the officer while standing and on the ground.

4. Arrest & Control Procedures: The GST course includes highly effective handcuffing techniques applicable to both solo and multi-officer situations.

5. Gracie Teaching Methodologies: The GST course introduces participants to the time-tested Gracie teaching methodologies - perfected through 85 years of training a wide variety of students. Upon learning these skills, the Gracie Academy certifies course participants who will eagerly return to their agencies/organizations to share the invaluable survival skills with their colleagues.

Upcoming GST Course Dates
You must have active military or law enforcement status to participate.

5-Day Full Instructor Certification Course Dates

Torrance, California
September 19-23, 2011
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Atlanta/Marietta, Georgia
October 31-November 4, 2011
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2 Day Instructor Re-certification Dates

Torrance, California
September 22-23, 2011
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Atlanta/Marietta, Georgia
November 3-4, 2011
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