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Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Against Multiple Attackers

June 27, 2013

Great testimonial from Canada!

Seven months ago, we published a video on how to deal with multiple attackers using the principles of GJJ, and last week we received a testimonial from a student in Nova Scotia, Canada who successfully applied the most important principle.

I had watched your video a month ago on how to deal with multiple attacker situations. Last night I was at the bar, and was dancing with a few friends. Then, some guy came up saying I was dancing with his girlfriend and began threatening me, then three other guys came over yelling in my face, saying roughly the same thing. Long story short, I kept my cool then remembered your video. I put my hands up, said I'm not fighting you guys, it's not worth my time, and walked away. While walking away about 5-6 people that I didn't know, told me that I was the bigger man and gave me praise. Thanks to you guys, I'm not in a hospital bed, or in jail. :)

Much love from Canada, Nova Scotia!

Scott L.

Video: How to Defeat Multiple Opponents (Special Edition Gracie Breakdown)