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Gracie Immersion Camp: Only 8 Rooms Left!

April 23, 2015

Don't Miss the Best Jiu-Jitsu Vacation of All Time!

This year, the level of excitement and buzz surrounding the Hawaii Immersion Camp is off the charts! We have received a lot of positive feedback from students, instructors, and repeated guests from prior Immersion Camps. They cannot wait and neither can we! In fact, Rener was so excited, he and Eve went to Hawaii to make sure the waves were kickin! Check out his surfing selfie video below!

For the Gracie Immersion Camp, we blocked off a set number of discounted rooms for camp participants, and we're down to the last 8 rooms! If you plan on joining us, save your room today, because once these discounted rooms are gone, you'll have to pay the regular rates listed below!

Room Gracie Rate (Approximate Savings)
Scenic $325/night ($70-$320 Discount)
Partial Oceanview $355/night ($140-$390 Discount)
Oceanview $385/night ($210-$510 Discount)
Oceanfront $425/night ($370-$600 Discount)
Dolphin Lagoon $445/night ($130-$430 Discount)
2-bedroom Ocean Suite $700/night ($1020-$1930 Discount)

For more information about this year's Immersion Camp, please click here.

To check out Rener's Surfing Selfie from last week, click the play button below.