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Gracie Immersion Camp - Information

April 15, 2014

** Sold Out **
Rorion, Ryron, Rener, Eve, Victoria, CM Punk, and over 250 jiu-jitsu fanatics from around the globe made it out to Florida for the 2013 Gracie Immersion Camp at the beautiful Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort on the Emerald Coast! It was so AMAZING that we have no choice but to do it again in 2014! Based on feedback from past participants, we've decided to do it in June (instead of May) so that the kids will be out of school and more jiu-jitsu families can join us on the beach! Jiu-jitsu, food, beach, food, jiu-jitsu, food, sleep, repeat...don't miss it!

IMPORTANT: We have a limited number of rooms blocked off for the Gracie Group, and like last year, they will sell out months in advance, so be sure to register early! Keep in mind, the hotel rooms and the jiu-jitsu training are 100% refundable up until May 15th prior to the event. So if you can't make it for any reason, you have nothing to worry about.

OFFICIAL 2013 VIDEO: Words could not describe what an amazing experience we had, so we produced a short video to give you an idea of what you can expect in 2014!

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Technique in the Morning - Sparring/Open Mat in the Evening
Every day will start with a two-hour Gracie Jiu-Jitsu seminar. Seminar participants will be separated by age and experience level so that the instruction can be customized to each students' individual needs. There will be Gracie Combatives for beginners, Master Cycle for advanced students, Women Empowered for the ladies, and Gracie Bullyproof for the kids - ages 4 and up. This way the whole family can get first-class hands-on instruction - at the SAME time - in a setting that is comfortable and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. Every evening (after a bunch of beach time) there is an optional open mat sparring/training opportunity. This is a great opportunity to connect, roll, and share ideas with jiu-jitsu fanatics from around the world! These sessions will be moderated by the Gracie Brothers and are open to students of all skill levels, but if you get stuck at the beach and can't make it, we'll forgive you.

Beach Activities and Water Sports
Simply put, we reserve every afternoon for fun in sun. Join the Gracies for fun beach activities such as volleyball, ocean kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, wave runners, and a very cool game called "chapinha" which was invented by Rorion on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro! And if you get tired of the beach, you can walk over to Sandestin's Village of Baytowne Wharf where they have tons of cool activities for all ages such as rock-climbing, zip-lining, and a crazy rope course! Once you save your spot, we will send you a list of activities you can sign up for in advance in order to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of sun fun!

Gracie Family Banquet Dinner
On Saturday, June 21, we will have our annual East Coast Gracie Family Banquet Dinner at the Sandestin Resort. This is a great opportunity to sit down and have a nice meal with all the new friends you've made on and off the mat. The Gracies raffle off a bunch or really cool prizes from t-shirts to gis and everything in between. All in all, it's a special night in a choke-free environment that you won't want to miss!

Gracie Brother Bonfire
On the evening of Sunday, June 22nd, we will have the Gracie Brother Bonfire on the beach. Based on the feedback we got from last year, the bonfire was the people's choice for "favorite moment of the 2013 camp." It's simple, we light up a nice bonfire on the beach and all the students sit down on the sand and ask any questions they can think of while Ryron and Rener take turns sharing their thoughts. More than anything, it's a great chance for the students to get to know the brothers beyond the mat.

Fine Dining and Exciting Nightlife
The Village of Baytowne Wharf is the "heart and soul" of the Sandestin Luxury Beach Resort. It's a gathering place for everyone visiting, living, or working along the Emerald Coast. After the sun goes down is when the Wharf really heats up. You can explore boutique shops, dine at award-winning restaurants, and party at exciting nightclubs. Be sure to wear your Gracie Gear so that you can be identified by all your jiu-jitsu brothers and sisters from around the world. Just don't stay out too late, you have Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training in the morning!

We have a very limited number of rooms blocked off for the Gracie Group and if you want to join us for this one-of-a-kind immersion camp, reserve your spot today by following the steps below:

Step 1: Secure Your Spot on the Mat
Due to the limited mat space we have available at the resort, the most important thing is to let us know how many people will be training from your family. The seminar fee is $350 per person, regardless of what group they fall into (Gracie Combatives, Master Cycle, Women Empowered, or Gracie Bullyproof). In addition to hands-on instruction with the Gracies every morning, seminar participants will get a free t-shirt and an official Gracie Academy Certificate of Participation at the end of the camp. To save your spot on the mat, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click the "Add" button and then on the checkout page you can select the "quantity" based on the number of people that will be participating in the jiu-jitsu seminars. Listed below is the tentative training schedule for the event. Please note that since we expect warm weather, the training attire for all morning seminars will be no-gi (white gi pants and a navy blue or black t-shirt/dry fit - no shorts or tank tops or rash guards allowed). The training attire for the evening sparring sessions will be gi.

Tentative Training Schedule
Thursday (6/19/14) Private Master Cycle Instructor Seminar, 9am-12noon (GA Certified Instructors Only)
Friday (6/20/14) Seminar: 9am to 11am, Open Mat: 6-7:30pm
Saturday (6/21/14) Seminar: 9am to 11am, Open Mat: 6-7:30pm
Sunday (6/22/14) Seminar: 9am to 11am, Open Mat: 6-7:30pm
*Training fee includes morning and afternoon training sessions.
*Training fee is 100% refundable provided notice is received at least 7 days prior to the camp.

Step 2: Book Your Room
Located on the Northwest Emerald Coast of Florida, between Pensacola and Panama City, the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort is the premier destination in Northwest Florida. At 2,400 acres, the Sandestin resort is HUGE. The way it's laid out, the resort is divided into four distinct regions: Bayside, Beachside, Lakeside, and The Village. Each of these four regions has several individual hotels or "units" located within. For the Gracie Immersion Camp we have secured special group rates at all the most popular units/hotels on the resort. Listed below are the available units, the region of the resort in which they are located (in parenthesis), and the nightly rates for a room in that unit.

Unit Location
LE CIEL (Bayside)- Starting at $159/night
VILLAGE STUDIO (The Village)- Starting at $189/night
GRAND STUDIO (The Village)- Starting at $199/night
LUAU (Beachside)- Starting at $209/night
BAYSIDE 2 BDRM (Bayside)- Starting at $239/night
LAKESIDE (Lakeside)- Starting at $269/night
SOUTHSIDE 2 BDRM (Beachside)- Starting at $299/night
BEACHSIDE (Beachside)- Starting at $329/night

*Room rates do not include taxes and other fees.

*Deposits on rooms are 100% refundable provided notice is received by May 15th prior to arrival.

Choosing the right Unit Location for you
Click here to view an interactive site map of the resort. You can click on each section of the resort to see what unit locations are within each section of the resort. A couple things to note are: 1) The jiu-jitsu training will be taking place in the "Linkside Center" located in the "Bayside" region of the resort (you'll see it near the LeCiel hotel on the map), 2) Nearly all of the restaurants, shopping, and night clubs are located in "The Village" region of the resort, and 3) Most of the afternoon beach fun will take place on the "Beach Side" region of the resort. Bottom line, the resort is huge, and no matter where you choose to stay, you're going to have a blast. Simply select a Unit Location on your budget and location preferences, and follow the instructions below to reserve your room before they sell out!

To verify availability and to book your room click here. Select your unit location (hotel), room type, and then enter the dates of your stay. The group code 23557J has already been entered for you so that you automatically get the discounted Gracie Group room rates for your stay. If you have any questions about availability, pricing, or room types, contact the dedicated Gracie Group Sandestin Reservations Agent, Pandora Smith, at or by phone 800-320-8115 (e-mail is the recommended communication option).

Step 3: Book Your Flight
Once you've confirmed your spot on the mat, and reserved your room, the last thing you need to do is book your flight. That is, of course, unless you live anywhere in the Southeast region of the country, in which case you could easily drive to the Sandestin Resort (Click here to see the resort on Google Maps). If you are flying in, you have two airports to choose from. The primary recommendation is the regional airport in Valparaiso, Florida (Airport Code: VPS), which is about 35 minutes from the Sandestin Resort. If you'd like to shop around, you can also check flights to into Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (Airport code: ECP), which is about 50 minutes from the Sandestin Resort. In either case, it is recommended that you rent a car for the weekend. The resort is huge, and by having your own vehicle you can get around much more efficiently and maximize your time on the beach! In order to take full advantage of all training sessions, you should plan on arriving on Thursday afternoon or evening (June 19) and departing on Monday morning (June 23). Some people choose to depart Sunday afternoon (June 22) after the morning training session, but that would cause them to miss out on the Gracie Brother Bonfire). All Gracie Academy Certified Instructors should plan on checking in a day earlier, Wednesday night, June 18th, in order to be there for the Private Instructor Seminar on Thursday morning at 9am.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If me, my wife and/or my kids have no experience can we train?
Yes, the Gracie Combatives, Women Empowered, and Gracie Bullyproof seminars will all be taught by separate Gracie family members and Gracie Academy black belt instructors, as well as several certified instructors from around the country. All seminars are specifically tailored for students with no previous experience. If it's your very first time training jiu-jitsu, you will appreciate the safe/cooperative environment, you will learn the techniques, and you will have tons of fun every step of the way! The only seminar that will be for experienced Gracie Jiu-Jitsu students will be the Master Cycle seminars which are for blue belts and/or white belts with more than 8 months of jiu-jitsu experience.

2. If I'm a member of another jiu-jitsu school/organization, can I participate?
Yes, the Gracie Immersion Camp is open to all jiu-jitsu organizations and teams. No politics, no preferential treatment, no problems! Our philosophy is: Jiu-jitsu against the world!

3. If I want to come early, or stay for a few extra days is that okay?
Yes, we have arranged our deal so that our discounted room rates can be extended for up to three days before, and three days after the set dates of the Gracie Immersion Camp, so if you're able to get the extra time off work, you might as well stay on the beach a few extra days!

If you have any other questions about the resort or accommodations, please email Pandora at, and if you have any questions that pertain to the training side of things, please send us an email at

IMPORTANT NOTE:Please do not change the quantity level in the box. (Leave QTY. at 1). On the next page (the Checkout Page) please let us know your t-shirt size, and which class/seminar you will be attending. To add additional participants from your family/group, click "Continue Shopping" and "Add" another Gracie Immersion Camp item in your cart for each additional person. The reason it must be done this way is so that you can notify us of the t-shirt size and seminar choice for each individual participant in your group. Keep in mind, the hotel rooms and the training fees are 100% refundable up until May 15th. So if you book your spot now and can't attend for any reason, simply let us know and you'll get a full refund for the seminar tuition - no questions asked! For hotel refunds, please contact the hotel directly using the contact information above.