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Gracie Gold Weave Finally Back in Stock

May 24, 2011

Get one before they sell out again!

The number one question we get in the Gracie University forum is: "When are the Gold Weave gis going to be back in stock?" We'll there finally here. They're comfortable, they're durable, they're beautiful and in 4-8 weeks, they'll be sold out...again. Please check our new sizing chart before purchasing and keep in mind that the sizes indicated are what you can expect AFTER you wash and dry the gi a few times. In other words, if you order an A4 based on our sizing chart and it feels too big when you pull it out of the bag, just wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat a few times and it will shrink 3-5 inches all around (Note: After three washes/dries, it shouldn't shrink any further). If after a few washes it still doesn't fit, just send it back within 30 days and we'll replace it (or sell it to a training buddy and charge him a couple extra bucks since you already shrunk it for him:).

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