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Gracie Garage Update

November 9, 2009

Five-Year Plan: One Gracie Garage in Every City

1925, the goal of the Gracie Academy has been to empower everyone with
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. For people who do not live near a Certified Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu Training Center, do not have internet access, or cannot find
a dedicated training partner, a Gracie Garage may be the only way to
learn the art. As a result, we are determined to establish at least one
Gracie Garage in every city by January 1, 2015, and for that, we need
your help.

What is a Gracie Garage?
A Gracie Garage is any
unofficial training center dedicated to the practice of Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu that is equipped with at least 100 square feet of mats and is
led by a devoted practitioner of the art. Gracie Garage members access
the Gracie Academy curriculum through Gracie University (or the Gracie
Combatives DVDs), and work together to perfect the techniques and climb
through the belt ranks. Although the original Gracie Garage was an
actual garage in which Rorion and Royce had their humble beginnings (pictured below), a
modern day Gracie Garage can be operated out of any location, from a
one bedroom apartment to an existing martial arts school.

New Benefits for Gracie Garage Leaders
critical role that these unofficial training centers play in
spreading the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, not only have we decided to
eliminate all costs associated with becoming a Gracie Garage, but we
will reward all Gracie Garage
leaders with the following benefits:

- The Family Hookup: Gracie
leaders are family, and family members do not pay for classes at the
Academy. Each year, you may train up to ten days at the Gracie Academy
Headquarters (Torrance, CA) at no charge. You can redeem your training
all in one trip or divide it among several shorter trips. Just
show up with your gi, and we'll take care of the rest.

- Early Master Cycle Access:
Each time a Master Cycle course is produced for Gracie University, we
will first grant access to our Certified Instructors. Then, we will
make it available to Gracie Garage leaders. Only after we have received
feedback from certified instructors and garage leaders will we release
the Master Cycle lessons to the general public.

- 10% Discount on all Gracie Merchandise:

Most people wear Gracie Gear to look good; family members wear it to
spread the word. As a result, we give all Gracie Garage leaders a 10%
discount on all Gracie merchandise - at all times. This includes
everything in the Gracie Store, from t-shirts and training equipment to
duffel bags and Champion Juicers.

- Surprise Visit by the Gracie Brothers: Every
six months, we will randomly select one Gracie Garage to receive a
private seminar with one of the Gracie Brothers at no charge. As an active Gracie
Garage, we automatically enter your facility in the drawing for this
highly coveted training opportunity! When Ryron, Rener, or Ralek knock
on your door, please let them in.

Watch the Brotherly Breakdown
For a full
breakdown of the Gracie Garage benefits, and to learn how you can join
the Gracie Brothers in spreading Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to every city in the
world, click on the link below.

New Video: Gracie Garage Brotherly Breakdown