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Gracie Garage Mats - Customer Review

December 26, 2012

See what the people are saying about the Gracie home grappling mats!
The Gracie Garage home grappling mats are being used every day at thousands of jiu-jitsu homes every single day. If you've been thinking about purchasing mats for your home, it may be helpful to hear what users of the Gracie mats have to say. The following testimonial was submitted by Frank Ocasio who trains with his wife and daughter. Frank has used several different mat types over the years, and he has been using the Gracie mats nearly every day for the last two years.

"Now that I have been using the Gracie Home Grappling Mats for a while, I wanted to share my experience with them. First off, I've had experience with many training surfaces from wrestling mats, tatame, folding mats, etc., and I have to say even though the Gracie mats are much less expensive, they are the best mats I have ever trained on. Period.

Mats have two very important functions, protection and comfort. Safety first, you do not want to grapple on hard floor or a carpet. Mats reduce injuries and absorb impact. They also reduce friction with the ground. Here are the top ten things I like about the Gracie Mats...

1) Very easy to setup. One person can do the job. Place them next to each other and the extremely strong Velcro will do the rest.

2) Very easy to take apart. The mats are very light for their size. Even my 7-year-old daughter picks them up and moves them around.

3) Very easy to store. They fold to very minimal space. You can store them vertically or horizontal. 2 mats stored vertically, how I store them, only take an area of about 2.5 feet by 20 inches. Easily fit in a closet.

4) Since they have Velcro on the sides and do not overlap, as most mats do, there are no spaces for your toes or fingers to get caught in.

5) The surface is very strong, yet not harsh, no mat/rug burns like injuries or mat rash. Very comfortable to train on. They are waterproof, yet very "sticky" to prevent slips and unintended falls.

6) They stay in place and no adhesive is required. No need to border on corner them. This is another important safety issue to prevent injuries with a mat that slips out from under you.

7) Very easy to clean. Since they have no spaces or creases, they leave no places for bacteria or mold to collect and form.

8) The width is 2 inches, which I believe is perfect for these mats. Other mats have that bouncy and unstable footing, not these. They are amazingly forgiving for better impact absorption, and at the same time they are firm enough to give you the stability necessary to execute techniques with ease.

10) We put them down and take them up daily. Before I purchased the Gracie mats, I would use mats I had from my old school. These were custom made and very expensive. After using the Gracie mats, now I realize how much punishment our bodies were actually taking with the previous mats. Now it is such a pleasure to train, roll, fall. We even open them up and lay on them and watch TV! Yes, they are that comfortable.

I just wish I had purchased them earlier. Would have made my life so much easier whenever my wife or my daughter take me down "Gracie Style".

Thanks again for making such a high quality product affordable for everyone to enhance their training.


Frank, Mary & Megan Ocasio"