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Gracie Diet Tip - Birthday Parties

October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009, we celebrated the birthdays of Roran (R8), Renon (R9)
and Ricon (R10). Unlike most birthday parties which serve cooked foods
(Group A) and sweet foods (Group C), a major combination violation of
the Gracie Diet, at Gracie kids' birthday parties, the foods served are
primarily sweet (Group C). Here are some examples of what was served at
the party:

- Watermelon Juice (Fresh squeezed the day of the party by Rorion)
- Fruit Salad (Assortment
of Group C fruits - no acidic fruits)
- Creamy Jack Cheese Sandwiches (a family favorite for three generations)
- Gracie Birthday Cake (eggs, flour, sugar, condensed milk, guava jam)