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Gracie Diet Book Released in Portuguese

September 6, 2012

Finally, the Gracie Diet book is available in Portuguese and is on sale at bookstores throughout Brazil. Rorion recently went to Brazil were he conducted book signings at the largest bookstores in Sao Paulo and Rio, and appeared on an ultra-popular talk show, Altas Horas. In it's first week, The Gracie Diet became one of the best selling books in Brazil!

The Gracie Diet is a food combination program developed after 65 years of research and experimentation by Grand Master Carlos Gracie. The concept is largely based on food combinations and meal spacing to facilitate digestion, thus avoiding fermentation and blood acidity. "It is more important than our jiu-jitsu." Says Rorion, the author of the book. Most diets will change the way you eat, the Gracie Diet will change the way you live!

To learn more about the Gracie Diet, or to purchase your copy of the book, visit the official website