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Gracie Combatives Video Testimonials

November 21, 2009

We are currently planning the next
Gracie Combatives television commercial, and we feel that the best way
to convey the effectiveness of the Gracie Combatives system to viewers
is to let them hear from dedicated students of the program. If you own
the Gracie Combatives DVD collection
and you would like to share your learning experience with the world, we
would greatly appreciate it if you would send us a home-video
testimonial for use in the commercial.

Testimonial Guidelines

shooting the testimonial, make sure the camera is still (preferably on
a tripod or table of some sort). Introduce yourself (name, age, and
profession) and then answer the questions listed below. When answering
the questions, please make sure to repeat the question in your
response. For example, when answering the first question, you would say
something like: "I first heard about the Gracie Combatives program when
I was a police officer ..." And most importantly, be sure to speak from
the heart. In other words, you've got to keep it real.

-How did you hear about the Gracie Combatives program?
-How long have you been doing Gracie Combatives?
-Where did you find your training partner?
-What do you like most about the program? (the more specific the better)
-What benefits have you received from learning Gracie Combatives? (confidence, fitness, etc.)
-What you hope to gain/achieve by the end of the program?
-How has Gracie University helped you along the way?
(Questions, partners, etc.)
-When do you plan on testing for your blue belt?
-Anything else you think the world should know about the program/lessons/benefits, etc.
-Also, be sure to have someone record you and your partner practicing
the techniques (preferably no-gi) in front of the TV which, of course,
should have the GC DVDs playing.

Testimonial Submission Deadline: Friday, December 11, 2009

you've recorded your testimonial, please mail us the original video (or
if you used a digital camera, you can send it on DVD). DO NOT worry
about editing the footage, we will take care of that on our end (we
will only use the best clips from your testimonial). Don't forget to
include a note in the package with your name, phone number, email
address and return mailing address so that we can contact you.

to the tight production deadlines for the project, we need all
testimonials to arrive at the Gracie Academy by Friday, December 11,
2009. We cannot pay you for your testimonial, otherwise it wouldn't be
a real testimonial, but, in order to repay you for the "shipping
expenses", we will send you a gift if your testimonial video arrives on
or before the deadline.

Please send your testimonial video to:

Gracie Academy Headquarters
Attention: Rener Gracie
3515 Artesia Blvd
Torrance, CA 90504