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Gracie Combatives Successful in the Street

August 13, 2014

Dr. Dave Defends Himself Against Drug User

"So after eating pho I head to the local video store, that I frequent, to rent some movies. It's my typical routine for a Sunday. Was there for less than ten minutes before I was ready to check out at the counter.

All of a sudden a guy comes in and barges his way between me and another customer. He started complaining to the worker, who was this young Asian female worker, that he didn't get a call regarding the movie "Joe." She replied in broken English, "we don't have it." He then slams the counter and heads to the door only to turn around and come back.

He proceeded to ask her again little more agitated now, "why didn't you guys call me?" The little girl replied, "I'm sorry I wasn't working yesterday, but today we don't have any copies." The guy started raising his voice at her and that's when I said, "bro, cut her some slack she wasn't here yesterday." The guy turns to me and says, "mind your f$*# business."

I replied to him calmly, "you don't need to disrespect her is all I'm saying." That's when he proceeded to take a step towards me and says, "what are you going to do about it?" I took a step back and told him to back up and waving my hand telling him to back up. He takes a step in and pushes me, so I took him down.

We were on the floor a bit until I worked my way to his back and sunk that choke in and squeezed. The girl called the cops during the our verbal altercation. I found out later that this wasn't the first time he's done this. Called her a "bitch" last time.

Cops came while me and two other customers were there. Took everyone's story and report. Searched the guy and found a pipe. Guess he's a meth user and was probably on it cause his eyes were blood shot when I was talking to him.

First time using jiu jitsu in a street fight. I can say, effective and left me and the guy with no injuries other than dirty clothes.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu....Boom!

Police officers let me go and I walked away with 3 free movies"

-Dr Dave
Gracie Combatives Student

Dr. Dave is a spinal decompression specialist based in Fountain Valley, CA. Click here for more information on the services he offers.